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Media propagandists are the enemies of democracy.




Trump Critics of Syria Withdrawal Fueled Rise of ISIS

This October, when Iran launched missile strikes against ISIS, nearly killing the ISIS emir, Baghdadi, the Pentagon complained that the missiles had struck only three kilometers from U.S. positions. The protest raised uncomfortable questions about what the top honchos of the Islamic State were doing in such close proximity to the American military, and why the U.S. was unwilling to do what Iran just had done and attack them. No answers from the Pentagon have arrived so far.

Grilling Rodman, Coddling DC’s Elite
This Week in Hypocrisy With George Stehpanopoulos

The US political media’s Hypocritic Oath:

The Oath sounds familiar: “First, do no harm”—to your friends, your colleagues, your access and your long-term status as an insider. In other words, don’t “drop bombs” on your dinner plate.

But there’s more:

Obama’s new Dept. of Energy head (propagandist) had this to say: “the public needs to be convinced that nuclear power is safe.” Ernest Moniz is the new Fracking and Nuke Czar of the Obama Regime, which you can read more about there:

Obama’s Dept. of Fracking and Nukes
by Karl Grossman