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Venezuela government soldiers fired TEAR GAS, while Guaido’s CIA-armed terrorists fired live bullets.





Obama’s Ukrainian Dream Team, apparently…

Key Man Behind the May 2nd Odessa Ukraine Trade Unions Building Massacre: His Many Connections to the White House

Here is their bloodthirsty handiwork.








The neo-nazi Ukrainian coup leaders are having some problems, as one of them has been killed in a shootout with police sent from the interior ministry.  Well they did want to play rough.

This is an odd turn of events.  A night of the long knives, Ukraine style?

Leader of US-Backed Ukrainian Fascist Right Sector Militia Killed in Police Shootout

“Former senior Ukrainian intelligence officials speaking to Russian news agency RIA Novosti said that the killing of Muzychko was an operation carried out under the direct orders of Ukrainian intelligence chief Valentin Nalivaichenko. “The goal of the operation was not to capture, but to neutralize Muzychko, to take him off stage,” they said.

Right Sector members in Rivne threatened to respond to Muzychko’s death by killing officials in the Kiev regime, calling the official account of Muzychko’s killing an “outright lie.”

“We will avenge ourselves on [Interior Minister] Arsen Avakov for the death of our brother. The shooting of Sashko Bily [Muzychko’s nom de guerre] is a contract killing ordered by the minister,” said Roman Koval, a Right Sector fighter in Rivne.

The most influential leader of Right Sector after Right Sector presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh, Muzychko personified the fascist character of the forces embraced by Washington and the European Union (EU) in their drive for regime change in Kiev. In 2007, he pledged to fight “communists, Jews, and Russians for as long as blood flows in my veins.”

After the putsch, he was filmed slapping Ukrainian prosecutors and threatening Ukrainian legislators with an assault rifle. He also repeatedly threatened officials in Rivne. He was put on the Ukrainian police’s wanted list after these incidents, on March 12.”