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You boys done lost the Civil War, oh, long about a hunderd fifty years gone now. 150, and you still cling to that damned seditious rag like ants on an ice cream cone that hit the dirt and melts into the soil, slowly turning to a sticky, filthy mush.

You know a lot a shit transpired over that century and a half, a lot indeed. Science done figgered out that them “darkies” is just as smart as you and yours, more so if you neglect your own intellectual development. And who’s fault is that? Surely not the Mexicans, the blacks or the Lithuanians. God them Lithuanians are takin’ over everything. Where was I?

Oh yeah: inbreeding. Perhaps not the literal kind, but the intellectual, stunted inbreeding of those who cling to antiquated, outdated and frankly immoral concepts of racial superiority, these are an embarrassment to the nation, frankly. Not much different than radical Islamic ISIS types: they just have different irrational biases. That’s all. Swap one set of crazy beliefs for another, add violence, stir.

And this stirring has got to stop. Take a look at what you’re trying to get the rest of us to accept. More Americans died in that not so Civil War than in any other conflict, including WW2. It’s 2015, and your 16th century paradigm just doesn’t fly anymore. Slavery bit the dust, as well it should. No amount of ugly–and it is fucking butt ugly–ranting and raving about the Confederacy is going to change that. Move on, Bubba, Jethro, whatever the fuck you call yourself. There’s a new world to study and to understand. We ain’t gonna rehash the one from 150 years ago. That’s just too stupid to even argue about.

The world changed, and you need to change with it.



Sibel Edmonds knows what’s going on.  Sibel is an American hero and should be on TV networks 5 nights a week.  Instead she uses Alex Jones show to get the truth out there (and even gets him to shut up for a while).

Sibel brings up the CIA connections to the Tsarnaev brothers, with much background on the situation in Chechnya and the region.  Plus, America’s sights are set on invading or bombing Syria.  Making deals with Russia can get a green light to do so and remove Bashar Assad.

Russian news reports now say that Tamerlan Tsarnaev trained at a US NGO called JAMESTOWN FOUNDATION on his trip to Russia in 2012.  This would mean that he had false passports and got into Georgia under the radar.


Former NSA Officer Wayne Madsen picks up the ball on Jamestoan Foundation and CIA malfeasance in the Caucasus.

Washington’s «Civil Society» and CIA Financing of Chechen and Other Caucasus Regional Terrorists

And Sibel with another lesson on what’s really going on and where your tax money goes.

Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & NATO-CIA Operation Gladio B-Caucasus & Central Asia

Screw Hollywood.  Take some time to read up on how the world actually works and if this is moral behavior, or if it in fact makes us all both culpable and more insecure generally.  We live in a propaganda state where the facts aren’t allowed to be aired, and real analysis of policy is nonexistent on public airwaves for mass consumption.  If you want to know the truth (very few do), you will need to work tirelessly at it.