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They continue to use the limited hangout term ‘RESEARCH” instead of the actual problem: EXPERIMENTATION.

Former Director Of National Intelligence Admits That Fauci Lied

Senator Rand Paul intends to get Fauci fired, but Democrats control the Congress.

Judicial Watch: New Fauci Agency COVID Records Reveal Information about NIH Research into the Coronavirus



Rand Paul, Who Once Called Universal Healthcare ‘Slavery,’ Goes to Canada for Surgery

The Courier-Journal reported that Sen. Paul can expect to pay between $5,000 and $8,000 for the surgery. That’s significantly cheaper than what Paul would pay in the U.S., in which an inpatient hernia procedure costs more than $11,000 on average.


This is not something you often hear from Republicans…



RAND PAUL: Join Lawsuit Against NSA: ‘I’m Going To Challenge This At The Supreme Court’

“I’m going to be asking all the internet providers and all of the phone companies: ask your customers to join me in a class action lawsuit,” Paul told host Chris Wallace. “If we get ten million Americans saying we don’t want our phone records looked at, then maybe someone will wake up and something will change in Washington.” (Link)


Where do I sign on?

I haven’t been a fan of Paul’s but fascism makes for desperate situations. Every American should sign on and stop this out of control police state in its tracks, now.