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A great little indie movie about an old man and his robot. Frank Langella plays an alzheimers victim losing his memories and unable to cope on his own. Enter the robot, and then Frank starts getting his life and his thoughts back together. Only Frank’s thorughts revolve around being a cat burglar. Extremely funny moments, and the robot steals the show.

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A definite cult classic, Raising Arizona (1987) is Nick Cage’s finest hour and one of my favorite movies.  I was glad to read the script.  Maybe I felt guilty over dissing True Grit the other day

This film is stuffed with dramatic material in every scene.  The central argument concerns recidivism, the propensity for criminals to go on returning to the lives they are more comfortable with.  The issues concern crime and punishment, the slippery slopes of committing ever more serious offenses, and the moral and ethical choices we make and which define us.


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