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This psychotic mother fucker will end life on earth. Time for him to go…

Trump Asked Pentagon For ‘Tenfold’ Increase Of US Nuclear Arsenal

Apparently, possessing the largest nuclear arsenal in the world isn’t enough for President Donald Trump. To wit, NBC News is reporting that Trump had asked for a nearly tenfold increase in the US’s nuclear arsenal during a Pentagon defense briefing in July involving several of the administration’s most-senior officials.


Fictional president trying to create fictional cassus belli to attack Iran.

White House ‘pressuring’ intelligence officials to find Iran in violation of nuclear deal



So much for his previous moments of rationality…

Gotta shoot ‘em, Trump says – as Pentagon downplays Russian warplane encounters





I also started seeing a trend of incompetence and deniability.”


His own strategist defects…


Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote This Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters


“The man does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know — the most frightening position of all.”

“…And he has no problem abusing your support the same way he cheated hard-working men and women out of millions of dollars, for which he is now being sued.


More Than Text While Driving

…activities beyond texting to include using Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, taking selfies and even shooting videos.

The survey found that 27 percent of drivers age 16 to 65 report using Facebook, and 14 percent report using Twitter. Of those, a startling 30 percent who said they post to Twitter while driving do it “all the time.”

Cops need to confiscate their phones when they’re caught, as well as have them appear at trial.


Dear Friend,

US – Russia relations have deteriorated severely in the past decade and they are about to get worse, if the House passes H. Res. 758.
NATO encirclement, the US-backed coup in Ukraine, an attempt to use an agreement with the European Union to bring NATO into Ukraine at the Russian border, a US nuclear first-strike policy, are all policies which attempt to substitute force for diplomacy.
Russia’s response to the terror unleashed by western-backed neo-nazis in Crimea and Odessa came after the local population appealed to Russia to protect them from the violence. Russia then agreed to Crimea joining the Russian Federation, a reaffirmation of an historic relationship.
The Western press begins its narrative on the Crimea situation with the annexation, but completely ignores the provocations by the West and other causal factors which resulted in the annexation. This distortion of reality is artificially creating an hysteria about Russian aggressiveness, another distortion which could pose an exceptionally dangerous situation for the world, if acted upon by other nations. The US Congress is responding to the distortions, not to the reality.
Similar distortions are developing now in the coverage of events in the eastern part of Ukraine, in Donetsk and Luhansk.
Tensions between Russia and the US are being fueled every day by players who would benefit financially from a resumption of the Cold War which, from 1948 to 1991 cost US taxpayers $20 TRILLION dollars (in 2014 dollars), an amount exceeding our $18 trillion National Debt.
With wars re-igniting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Syria being a staging ground for an ongoing proxy war between the great powers, the US treasury is being drained for military adventures, our national debt is piling up, and we are demonstrably less safe.
Tomorrow the US House will debate and vote on H. Res. 758 which is tantamount to a ‘Declaration of Cold War’ against Russia, reciting a host of grievances, old and new, against Russia which represent complaints that Russia could well make against the US, given our nation’s most recent military actions: Violating territorial integrity, violations of international law, violations of nuclear arms agreements.
Congress’ solution? Restart the Cold War!
The resolution demands Russia to be isolated and for “the President, in consultation with Congress, to conduct a review of the force posture, readiness and responsibilities of United States Armed Forces and the forces of other members of NATO to determine if the contributions and actions of each aresufficient to meet the obligations of collective self-defense [my emphasis] under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, and to specify the measures needed to remedy any deficiencies…” In other words, ‘let’s get ready for war with Russia.’
This is exactly the type of sabre rattling which led to the initiation and escalation of the Cold War. It is time we demanded that the US employ diplomacy, not more military expenditures, in the quest for international order.
It is time the US stepped out of this expensive dialectic of conflict and seek to rebuild diplomatic relations with Russia and set aside the risky adventurism in the name of NATO.
If you agree, please contact your congressperson today, 202-224-3121, and ask them to vote against H. Res. 758.




The calculations showed that the biggest culprit, by far, is beef. That was no surprise, say Milo and Shepon. The surprise was in the size of the gap: In total, eating beef is more costly to the environment by an order of magnitude – about ten times on average – than other animal-derived foods, including pork and poultry. Cattle require on average 28 times more land and 11 times more irrigation water, are responsible for releasing 5 times more greenhouse gases, and consume 6 times as much nitrogen, as eggs or poultry. Poultry, pork, eggs and dairy all came out fairly similar. That was also surprising, because dairy production is often thought to be relatively environmentally benign. But the research shows that the price of irrigating and fertilizing the crops fed to milk cows – as well as the relative inefficiency of cows in comparison to other livestock – jacks up the cost significantly.

Real price of steak: Comparing environmental costs of livestock-based foods






Reckless Endangerment in the Movies


Bellflower (2011)

Reckless generation lampoons itself, unintentionally.  Bellflower is a film where every few minutes people are lobotomizing themselves with alcohol.  “Let’s get totally wasted,” is the marching order at least twice in the first half.

The script could really have used some more thought behind it.  No one in the film works at any job, but they keep spending money on muscle cars, trips and an endless supply of booze.

The movie isn’t totally irredeemable, as the camera work is unique and unexpected.  The visuals attempt to make up for the twisted story of 20 something heartbreak, gone off the deep end.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense, as much of the plot is fantasizing (and rather pathetically about being Lord Humungous of The Road Warrior).  The relationships also don’t make a lot of sense as they jump abruptly from state to state, lacking the subtlety and attention to detail of more accomplished writers.

It’s a ham fisted drunken lust for glory with reckless abandon, on several different fronts.  The flamethrower fetish seems to have been real, and on the set as well.  The danger involved was simply laughed off, and safety precautions don’t seem to be in evidence.  Homemade Home Depot flame throwers strapped to backs, cars modified to the point of absurdity, also pumping flames at high pressure out through their exhausts, even shotguns and exploding propane tanks, this is barely a cut above the Jackass series.  Thankfully, nobody died, although one of the filmmakers was nearly taken out by an exploding fan on the Medusa car, which everyone considers the be all of “cool.”

What seems like a great signpost for what’s wrong with generation fuckup, is actually what drives the production.  They take this “cool” car and flames thing seriously.  It’s not meant to be ironic, not a critique.  We are supposed to get behind these wasted imbeciles and their “cool” car, spouting flames, as they imagine themselves Lord Humungous.  Pretty hard to let that slide without some snark.

Still, the film was well received at major film festivals.  It did dare to do something different, on the surface anyway.  Underneath, it’s petty, spoiled drunks wallowing in their heartache to the point of absurdity.  The satire wasn’t there at all, although the targets look pretty ripe and juicy.


First Amendment canceled in NYC.


Testing chemicals on people without “informed consent” is a blatant violation of human rights.

Private mercenaries are also used to violate first amendment rights.