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The vampocalypse hits redneck America. Savage, though pretty dumb, the vampires are hunted down by a man with no name. At the opening, a teenage boy is recruited by the hunter, when this boy’s parents are chomped by a particularly aggressive vampire.

The boy comes of age in an environment of vigilante justice, desperation and the breakdown of society. The hunter has his own code, which he tries to impart to the boy. The complication is a huge cult, the Brotherhood, which runs large parts of the landscape. These religious nuts are potentially worse than the vampires.

This film has a definite right leaning, libertarian bias. The landscapes are devastated, abandoned, and Washington is to blame. The people are left to survive by themselves, which they do in an old west styled, circle the wagons mentality. The rugged individual is all that’s left, and any organization seems doomed to fail, a victim of herd mentality and crazy ideas or rose-colored idealism. It’s a depressing tale, but not a bad vampire flik. It has its own cult following around it, and that’s how I heard about it.

Most survival tales skew right with guns and self-reliance elevated to mythic proportions. This is true of zombie films and most horror genre pieces. See if you can read more into Stake Land than meets the eye.


This appeared at the Redbox, and I was on the fence whether to click the trailer.  Turns out, it’s a satire of midwest, red-state America, through the lens of an Iowa butter carving competition.  Funny film, easily overlooked.


In the small world department, Olivia Wilde, who plays the outrageous stripper/hooker Brooke (above, right), is actually the niece of Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch.  The ten year old black girl, Destiny, is the child prodigy in butter carving who stands the best chance of knocking down Jennifer Garner – the obsessed right-wing hyper-ambitious social climber.  Ethics fly out the window once the competition heats up.

Butter is out on DVD now (Netflix).


Ohio Romney Rally – Interviews with Supporters


(May induce nausea and fits of hysterical, nervous laughter.)