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by Joe Giambrone

More than a couple primary elections appear to have been stolen for Hillary Clinton. If they hadn’t been then the so-called “Superdelegate” wild card option would have simply stepped in to overturn the democratic process. It should be a glaring reality now that the Democratic process is not the democratic process.

So what to do?

I won’t even suggest whom to vote for, but you can make a difference of a different sort if you’re open to ideas.

Step One: De-Register from the Democratic Party. This is accomplished by registering with another party or simply declaring yourself “Independent.”

Step Two: Email the Democratic Party and inform them of what you have done and why.


That’s it.

If enough angry Democrats actually kick the party to the curb then the leadership will quake. Thousands of fleeing members is not the reality they wish to face heading into November.

So now is YOUR window of opportunity to send an unequivocal message that you are mad as hell, and you’re not going to take it anymore. This is the time to exert leverage. Let them earn your vote.

It’s a half-page form at the Registrar of Voters. Go fill it out.



A reader suggested VOTE.ORG to register instantly online.