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Trump Booted From Walk of Fame

Posted: August 7, 2018 in -
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And it’s about fucking time.

Hollywood City Council Votes to Remove Trump’s Walk of Fame Star Over ‘His Disturbing Treatment of Women’



Al retreated backward up the aisle, his eyes pinned wide open, and he gazed back at the immense specter Lou had become.

Lou’s distorted voice seeped in from every direction. “I am he who is ignored, left to toil in many guises. And I am he whom you serve, Al.”

No. I don’t serve you.”

But you do, Al. You’ve served me quite well. I’ll award you a gold star on my own little walk of fame. Your films have done a lot of heavy lifting for me, buddy.”

-Hell of a Deal, A Supernatural Satire



Congress Investigates Lies of Attorney General

The DOJ seems to have taken a sizable gamble in exercising the Espionage Act to keep its surveillance of members of the press a secret, and the Daily Mail’s source into an ongoing Congressional probe indicates that the Attorney General may still bear the brunt of the blame