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This is election interference by a large corporation and should concern everyone.

Gabbard is already suing Youtube’s owner, Google, for what it did to freeze her account during the first debate. The pattern continues.

Tulsi Gabbard Was Reportedly Suppressed By YouTube While Trending During Hillary Clinton Feud

According to The Blaze, comedian Steven Crowder now alleges Gabbard’s videos were suppressed by YouTube while she was trending during the feud with Clinton. According to Crowder, Gabbard was trending on Google and social media for her response to Clinton. Despite trending, he claims the congresswoman’s search results on United States YouTube were buried beneath other videos about her. When Crowder used a virtual private network (VPN) to change his IP address to appear to be from Spain, it purportedly brought Gabbard’s videos back into the top of the search results.




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Tax cuts for middle, lower income Americans boost economy while tax breaks for the rich do little to help

Economists finally study what everyone else already knew. Are they shitting me? That’s some major fucking malpractice on the part of the entire economics cult. How can anyone take these people seriously when they just get around — in 2015 — to studying how class affects jobs and job creation? They are a ridiculous and pathetic lot who are largely employed to suck the corporate cock of their ideological masters. Prove me wrong.

The study is unusual in that it is believed to be the first study that relies on empirical evidence to measure the impacts of tax cuts for different types of people on total employment in the U.S.

“I find that the positive relationship between tax cuts and employment growth is largely driven by tax cuts for lower-income groups and that the effect of tax cuts for the top 10% on employment growth is small,” Zidar says.


New Report From The NEJM On Clinical Trial Reporting Further Tarnishes Biopharma’s Image

New England Journal of Medicine destroys the bullshit monkey wrenching of pharmaceutical trials and cover-up. It’s difficult to find any aspect of our top-down corporatocracy that isn’t completely full of shit and running on fraud and propaganda.

The action may put a stop to the practice of cherry picking outcomes for public disclosure. An investigation published in March found that during the following 12 months after completion of industry funded trials, only 17% of trial outcomes had been reported.

This number increased to just 41% after five years. Results for the trials funded by the National Institutes of Health produced only 8% disclosure after 12 months, and 38% after five yearsIt is logical to assume that the results presented to the public were supportive of study hypotheses.


This type of fraud is commonplace, as corporations put profits over safety, and the government allows them to hide their practices from the public.

Class Says Merck Lied About Mumps Vaccine

  PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Merck has known for a decade that its mumps vaccine is “far less effective” than it tells the government, and it falsified test results and sold millions of doses of “questionable efficacy,” flooding and monopolizing the market, a primary caregiver claims in a federal antitrust class action.
Alabama-based Chatom Primary Care sued Merck on Monday, the week after the unsealing of a False Claims Act complaint two relators filed in 2010.
Those relators, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, were Merck virologists who claim in their unsealed complaint that they “witnessed firsthand the improper testing and data falsification in which Merck engaged to artificially inflate the vaccine’s efficacy findings.”
Krahling and Wlochowski claimed Merck’s scheme caused the United States to pay “hundreds of millions of dollars for a vaccine that does not provide adequate immunization.”

Crimea declares independence, seeks UN recognition

“The Republic of Crimea intends to build its relations with other states on the basis of equality, peace, mutual neighborly cooperation, and other generally agreed principles of political, economic and cultural cooperation between states,”


So, is your US corporate lie machine telling you about what the people of the region actually want?

Are they showing how international observers watched the vote and found no problems?

Crimean ‘Referendum at Gunpoint’ is a Myth – International Observers


Or is it a steady stream of hyper-nationalistic gibberish in defense of neo-nazi street gangs in Ukraine?





Oleh Tyahnybok








About 95% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia – preliminary results



I sent out a film survey to the PFB contributors, whom you can read by clicking on their names on the sidebar.

1.    What’s the top film(s) of the past decade?

Kieran Kelly had an interesting response: “Antichrist was the most impressive thing I saw, and I hated almost every second of it.  The Proposition was amazingly good and not at all gratuitous even if it was also quite horrible to watch.”

Other answers:

2.    Have movies declined in cultural significance, and no longer all that relevant to society, or is it the opposite?

“Neither.  About the same they have always had.  Just different emphases in different loci.” -Steven Jonas

“I certainly believe that movies remain very relevant for those who are already attuned to their tradition and culture. I do believe however that with the rise of other digital media, the spread of the Internet, etc. (all the usual suspects in other words…) for the younger generations and in the last two decades or so, their impact on social, cultural and political awareness has indeed declined.” -Mark Epstein

“Vastly decreased. Event films have always been around, but now they’re taken seriously – critical discussions of Batman and KickAss and such. My dad has talked about what it was like in 68 when 2001 arrived – and everyone on every college campus in America was talking about it. Fewer people go to the movies than ever before, attention spans are shorter, money is scarce. Good work still gets done but with far less impact.” -Joseph Green

“I’m shocked to report that the once great and groundbreaking film Doctor Strangelove, has lost its fizz.  Wish it weren’t so, but it is.  If you don’t believe me try watching it without watching the clock. On the other hand, Terry Gilliam’s masterpiece, Brazil, has become required viewing on an annual basis. ” -David Price

“Culture has declined in cultural significance, movies have just been sucked down into the bottomless vortex. Seriously, though, television has overshadowed film in several key areas. During the Bush years big TV dramas became the main vehicle for a sense of twisted uncertainty that was sometimes offensive, but definitely fertile. Now, its a bit staler. Now these sorts of programmes are mainly devoted to a violent Hobbesian nihilism, but a lot of them are still much more compelling than what the big screen has to offer. In figurative terms, the television is now the bigger canvas even if only for depicting horror and ugliness.” -Kieran Kelly

3.    Name a severely underrated film(s) that the world needs to see.

Mark Epstein said: “The Big Question, a documentary interviewing cast and staff of that obscenity, The Passion of the Christ, about their takes on religious belief or the lack of it.”

Other responses:

[I stopped attributing every quote, and I jumbled the ordering.  Could be any of the named people…]


4.    Which film and/or scene really pissed you off?

Zero Dark 30 (which pissed me off so much that I did not go to see it — does that count?”

“Christopher Nolan’s career. In general, the willingness of people to accept not just trite but actively oppressive entertainment and enjoy it anyway. It’s depressing.”

“Every sports movie where my enjoyment of the film is calculated to hinge on the outcome of some damn sporting event.

[4.1] What scene from a film in the last decade sticks with you in a haunting way you can’t quite shake?

Opening scene of Melancholia

The Hurt Locker still tops the list. There’s lots of critically acclaimed TV that is utterly repulsive too. If I have time I may watch all of Breaking Bad and write some stuff about it. My hypothesis is that it is this millennium’s version of The Waltons.”

“Too many to list. Since I wrote about it indirectly, Zero Dark Thirty.”

I’m appalled every time the “heroes” get to their time to torture somebody for information cue.   There should be a special torture chamber in hell for people who sell torture as heroic.  Jingoistic nationalism similarly pisses me off.


5.      Thoughts on filmmakers who knowingly deceive their audiences?

“Whores come in an infinite variety and all professions. The real ones (i.e. peddling the sex trade…), as the Romantics used to say, are the most honest…”

“I’d be more interested in sharing some thoughts about filmmakers who have contempt for their audiences, but you can probably guess what they are.”

“Does not compute.  Film is deception.  Does not compute.”

“Anti-humans. Paul Greengrass, go fuck yourself. Tom Hanks, ditto.”

6.      Define exploitation.

“Working against “informed consent/dissent” for profit, power, connivance, presstitution, control, social engineering, creeping totalitarianism, etc.”

“Webster’s’ Dictionary defines ‘exploitation’ as any film I don’t like.”

“Base appeal for its commercial sake without taking the human being into account. Denying humanity is what it’s all about. Tony Scott was much more of an exploitation director than, say, Gordon Parks, in my estimation.”

7.      Does our nature bias us toward hopeful, positive illusion?

“No. That is learned. We learned from movies how to kiss, how to love, how to defend ourselves. Even the gangsters learned from Cagney and Muni how to behave. It’s cultural, not instinctive.”

“Humans are social beings (even when they don’t realize it, or actively try to deny this fundamental aspect in the genesis of their identity and life), and in their better moments they find that common bond again, and work towards constructions that until realized can be thought of as illusory.”


” No. All the Hollywood-ending prechewed-for-easy-digestion morality play junk food for the eyes in cinemas is just escapism for those traumatised by the daily torture our society inflicts on working people. Part of the reason that our current system remains politically stable despite its omnicidal insanity is that the chains that bind people have become their main source of comfort. The worse things get the more people dig deeper and darker dungeons for their own minds, but they kid themselves that they are digging their way to sunshine.”

I threw that one in thinking of religion, afterlife, the development of positive illusions throughout human history all over the planet.  I think with our big brains we want to overcome death and tend to tell ourselves all sorts of stories to make life more livable.  So I guess I’m in the minority on that one.

8.     Which obscure current artist should live on into eternity?

The Academy shied away from endorsing torture lies. I’d like to think that the noise we all made had some real effect on their decisions. ZD30 ended up tying for sound — what-ever. Other than that, empty handed in every category.


Ang Lee takes home Best Director, and it is much-earned. Life of Pi is being compared to a religious experience by a whole lot of people, and it really is powerful and unforgettable.

Argo remains a poor substitute for an honest look at America’s role in the world. And we’ve talked enough about that.