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Here is what we will see in the upcoming Social Security Trustees Report:

  • Social Security has a large and growing surplus―$2.9 trillion today, and a projected $2.95 trillion next year;
  • Social Security is extremely affordable with less than one penny of every dollar spent on administrative costs;
  • It can pay out ALL benefits owed for approximately the next one-and-a-half decades―until 2034―and 77% of all benefits owed after that;
  • With modest legislative increases―asking the wealthy to pay their fair share―we can afford to expand benefits for millions of Americans.

That’s the real story about Social Security that Wall Street billionaires and their local news outlets are trying to bury.

Help us counter the unlimited resources of Wall Street who want nothing more than to get their greedy hands on our retirement security. Donate to Social Security Works today to fight back and defend Social Security!


Social Security is the most successful federal program in history. Rethugs want to steal it, the trust fund. They want to steal and siphon off fees in their “privatizing” schemes.

Republican Party’s Sleazy Playbook to Destroy Social Security

This is YOUR money that YOU pay into. This is YOUR social insurance and retirement program. The Rethugs simply want to steal it.  It’s not complicated. And they don’t want more money ending up in your pocket. That’s pretty much absurd. They now shamelessly attack the Disability program, now that they have taken over congressional committees.