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This Oliver Stone documentary may be pirated on youtube. It’s been up since November, apparently…


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Do you stand behind the bullshit you type in between elections?

The Power to the People Plan




Mouseland (short)

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Tariq Ali in a powerful essay, covering most bases:

The New World Disorder

References to Occupy, Wall Street, “we want change” and North korea? Anyway, for your listening pleasure…

Might as well throw this in. It’s Friday…


Solar and Wind Energy Start to Win on Price vs. Conventional Fuels

The New York Times:

The cost of providing electricity from wind and solar power plants has plummeted over the last five years, so much so that in some markets renewable generation is now cheaper than coal or natural gas.

So let me add: fuck you nuclear, and your malignant, cancerous apologists. Fuck you gas fracking and the outright poisoning of our vital aquifers. Fuck you oil drillers, destroying the Gulf of Mexico as if it was yours to destroy. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.