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Proud right winger Hillary Clinton is apparently still getting votes from people who oppose her agenda. Go figure. America.




Shit’s going downhill.

‘Hundreds’ of masked men beat refugee children in Stockholm

Hundreds of masked men marched through Stockholm’s main train station on Friday evening, reportedly beating up refugees and anyone who didn’t appear to be ethnically Swedish.



Funny bits — takes on board games too.


Lies about college for everyone and universal health care..

Why the Washington Post’s Attack on Bernie Sanders is Bunk

Robocop Omni

Each week more of the plot of Robocop comes true…

Bankruptcy Is a “Huge Opportunity” to Privatize Schools Says EdBuild


Multiple injuries in Kiev as grenade explodes during protest against constitutional law

SVOBODA tossed grenades outside the Ukrainian parliament building. Remember Svoboda?


Victoria Nuland and John McCain remember.


Thanks Obama, for helping overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine. And for sending arms and trainers to Naziville. The world needs more of this…

Neo-Nazi summer camp: Ukrainian kids taught to shoot AKs by Azov battalion members