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International Law and Its Shenanigans
Russia issues arrest warrant for Sen. Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments

In an edited video of the Friday meeting, which was released by Zelenskiy’s office, Graham had said that “the Russians are dying” and described the American military assistance to Ukraine as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

MORE, FROM 2016:

They are up to the disappearing journalists who oppose Naziism stage.

Hamill used private funds to ship drones to Ukraine. Drones have been used to blow up targets inside Russia. The malignant Ukrainian coup regime, taken over by Nazi terrorist gangs in February of 2014 is WHY there is a war there in the first place.

Denying the Far-Right Role in the Ukrainian Revolution

The new deputy prime minister, Oleksandr Sych, is from Svoboda; National Security Secretary Andriy Parubiy is a co-founder of the neo-Nazi Social-National Party, Svoboda’s earlier incarnation; the deputy secretary for National Security is Dmytro Yarosh, the head of Right Sector. Chief prosecutor Oleh Makhnitsky is another Svoboda member, as are the ministers for Agriculture and Ecology (Channel 4, 3/5/14). In short, if the prospect of fascists taking power again in Europe worries you, you should be very worried about Ukraine.

Mark Hamill is now a NAZI, literally sending weapons of war to Ukrainian Nazis, weapons that may spark Armageddon, the end of human life on earth.

Multiple drones targeted an oil refinery in southern Russia, resulting in a large fire. “Four drones were used in an attack on an oil refinery in the Krasnodar Region, where an oil storage reservoir caught fire on Thursday night,” TASS reports. The Kremlin is blaming Washington and Kiev’s Western backers for the cross-border operation.

Zero Hedge reports:

Russia Says US Behind Overnight Drone Attack On Oil Refinery

“The last weeks have seen a noticeable uptick in cross-border drone attacks out of Ukraine on key Russian infrastructure, including oil facilities and even trains of late.”

Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Kyiv could not have carried out the attack without Washington’s involvement.

This is about WAR.

This is about the war machine.

This is about the fraud of a free press and freedom of speech in this banana republic.

 ‘Everything that is against our country, consider it a fake, even if it’s not.’
-Ukrainian Nazi Fuckpig

Lee Fang writes:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation pressures Facebook to take down alleged Russian “disinformation” at the behest of Ukrainian intelligence, according to a senior Ukrainian official who corresponds regularly with the FBI. The same official said that Ukrainian authorities define “disinformation” broadly, flagging many social media accounts and posts that he suggested may simply contradict the Ukrainian government’s narrative.

How The FBI Helps Ukrainian Intelligence Hunt ‘Disinformation’ On Social Media


U.S. CITIZENS charged with crimes for “sowing discord” meaning DISSENT TO THEIR WARS.


Didn’t those U.S. “officials” swear an Oath to defend the U.S. Constitution???

His father was murdered by the CIA on the eve of winning the nomination for Democratic Party candidate for president, 1968.

British intelligence-linked firm that warped MH17 news coverage

Hysterical western audiences have never been able to think about issues of war, or of Russia, with over a century of demonization so far.

The shooting down of the plane, over a raging hot war zone, was 100% the fault of the Ukraine government/air traffic control that sent the plane there, for no obvious reason other than to put it at risk. That was clear from day one.