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25 percent fewer opioid-related deaths in states allowing medical marijuana


Answer is in the Wind

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Offshore-Windpark Lillgrund - Serviceschiff auf dem Weg zum Windpark / Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm - Service ship en route to the wind farm


“Wind technologies generate far more energy than they consume,” Dale said. “Our study showed that wind actually produces enough surplus electricity to support up to 72 hours of either battery or geologic storage. This suggests that the industry could deploy enough storage to cope with three-day lulls in wind, common to many weather systems, and still provide net electricity to society.”

The results were especially good for onshore wind turbines. “We found that onshore wind backed by three days of geologic storage can support annual growth rates of 100 percent — in other words, double in size each year — and still maintain an energy surplus,” he said.


Wind farms can provide society a surplus of reliable clean energy


New one up at Counterpunch.


(Truer than Zero Dark Thirty anyway.)

Dr. Radiofrankenstein and Me