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A movie that feels bigger than its budget should allow, Go Is a classic drug/crime black comedy.  John August’s tale of ecstasy, raves, Vegas and desperation feels authentic.  Not written by some marketing committee spitballing ideas to see what sticks, these stories seem like real life at the bottom.  The misbehavior resonates, and the dialogue is crisp and fresh.

And it has Sarah Polley in the lead, and so of course I’m a fan.  Ronna’s desperate bid to keep from being homeless by selling ecstasy to a couple of ravers, who aren’t what they seem, is the kind of working class / twenty something stunt that people might recognize from their own lives.  Then the film takes radical turns, jumping stories and leads, such that it becomes a twisted ensemble crime narrative.  Only, the bad guys aren’t your one-dimensional stereotypes, and that’s where the film really scores.  Each character is fleshed out and affected differently along the way.


Go Is a pretty special movie that inspires me to want to write something similar.



I’ve been waiting for this to release in my berg. Sarah Polley uses unconventional means to find her real father. Stories become documentary, which itself becomes stories again, as the actual truth remains elusive. I always loved Sarah, and couldn’t wait to see the movie. It’s a very personal thing, slowly paced and yet full of life, tragedy and humor. It’s about family and complications stemming from affairs and secrets and silence.

The Stories We Tell showed up at Redbox this week.


Sarah Polley has a story to tell, about herself, and a search for her actual father. This looks potentially great and emotional and therefore a must-see for me anyway. I love Sarah Polley, and hope this documentary delivers.