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Guess who they think the enemy is.


Sorry, kids. You shouldn’t have believed in any of the bullshit they indoctrinated you with.


We have gone through the looking glass and into a dystopian nightmare that defies description. The schools are full of cops now, but they have no obligation to actually help during a shooting!


Judge rules cops, schools had no duty to shield students in Parkland shooting lawsuit

A federal judge on Monday ruled that Broward County schools and the sheriff’s office were not legally obligated to protect and shield students in the shooting that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., last February…”

Problem with modern schooling

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Bomb threats hit at least 21 JCCs, Jewish day schools across country



’Every societal failure, we put off on cops to solve…That’s too much to ask’ ‒ Dallas police chief

We’re in a much better place than we were when I was a young man here, but we have much work to do ‒ particularly in our profession ‒ and leaders in my position need to put their careers on the line to make sure we do things right, not be so worried about keeping their job.”



The right-wing assault on society enters the discussion. They have gutted social services, particularly mental health, which bears directly on many of these mass shootings.

“Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve: Not enough mental health funding ‒ let the cops handle it. Not enough drug addiction funding, let’s give it to the cops. Here in Dallas, we got a loose dog problem. Let’s have the cops chase loose dogs. You know, schools fail, give it to the cops.




How to Counter Recruitment and De-Militarize Schools



Why Is My Kindergartner Being Groomed for the Military at School?


Seems like we’ve seen this kind of thing before.




5 Famous Billionaires Are Dismantling Black Public Schools


“That model requires firing all the teachers, no matter their performance, allowing them to reapply for a job, and replacing many of them with inexperienced TFA recruits. That model requires wiping out public schools and replacing them with privately managed schools that set their own standards for admission, discipline, expulsion, and are financially opaque.”


Finally, schools are labeled as “failing” due to the lopsided evaluation process, and privately-run charters are forced onto inner-city populations, paving the way for the privatization of public education in predominantly black and latino communities.


See my short about Common Core…

Common Core: Hostile Takeover




New Jersey high schooler accused of violating bullying laws for making anti-Israel tweets


Threatened to file a bullying case against me. It’s against state law to express unpopular political views on the Internet, now.

— benny (@bendykoval) January 6, 2016

Fuck Israel, its apartheid, its genocide, and the parasitic leeching of US tax money to support it.


Common Core: Hostile Takeover


Prosecute these assholes.