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Do watch the show first, before bothering with the script.

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In episode 1 I mentioned ‘drunk cam.’ Here’s what it looks like:

Those shots are at 16 frames per second, maximum shutter and then slowed down so it doesn’t play back too quickly at 24 fps. Later in the episode there is a very surreal 12 fps sequence.

I had to make an irreversible decision at that final scene. Do I simply shoot the whole thing with drunk cam? What if it’s too smeared and hard to tell what’s being filmed? I did all sorts of tests ahead of time, and I was torn about 18, 16, 14 fps. When we filmed and there was no time to screw around anymore it dawned on me that we HAD to separate the aesthetics from other shows. That’s one area where we can…

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Everyone’s full of it.
Slow day.

Let me add one. If you’re dumb, don’t write screenplays.*

* That also applies if you’re stupid, lazy, illiterate, or just some flavor of douchebag.


I was searching for the opening scene of Robocop for the previous post, and I stumbled across this-

Scathing review of the upcoming Robocop 2014 (script).  If you believe everything you read on the Interweb tubes.  I know I do!

RoboCop (2014) Screenplay Review

This film is so sanitised and devoid of character, its unreal.

For God’s sake people rent the original, and the very good follow-up Robocop 2.