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A Hollywood producer has created @femscriptintros to expose the majority dolts who bang out this crap.

Twitter Account Shows How NOT To Introduce a Female Character

I would dispute the headline though. This is how it’s done. Not sure about the word “not.”




New Free Screenplays

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J. Giambrone


The Fault in Our Stars, Boyhood (which I didn’t know had a script), Gone Girl and others…

More Free Scripts! Download Oscar Contenders ‘Birdman,’ ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ ‘Wild’ & Others

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Script Archive: The Prisoner



Raindance posted a collection of the Nolan Brothers’ scripts.

Pretty amazing rant in The Atlantic Magazine, November 1945. It’s so quotable, and so little has changed over the decades, that it’s a great read on the economic relationships and their impact on creativity and talent.

“The impulse to perfection cannot exist where the definition of perfection is the arbitrary decision of authority. That which is born in loneliness and from the heart cannot be defended against the judgment of a committee of sycophants. The volatile essences which make literature cannot survive the clichés of a long series of story conferences.”