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We are right in the middle of a fascist takeover of Amerika.


The Lead Federal Agency Responding to Protesters in Portland Employs Thousands of Private Contractors



Hacked voting machines across the country.


Black Box Voting



Seems kind of important, huh? Not to the orange Hitlerite. What’s the worst that can happen? He’d get his totalitarian dictatorship.


Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction

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New attack in the works?



Is “True Pundit” reliable? We shall find out…

FBI: Awans Finalizing Immunity Deals with DOJ in Exchange For Testimony on Members of Congress

The focus of the federal probe has shifted from the bank fraud allegations against the Pakistani couple to classified intelligence breaches in Congress, FBI sources confirm.


Detailed technical info about this latest leak, which doesn’t actually prove anything but is causing quite a storm among the partisans.

Do Not Trust The Intercept or How To Burn A Source



Tell your representatives NOW!
FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies get expanded powers to hack your computer and phone on December 1




Shrieking warmonger Hillary Clinton continues to threaten Russia, as of this latest debate.

Here is what the Russians think of her:

“We have witnessed a fundamental change of circumstances when it comes to the aggressive Russophobia that now lies at the heart of U.S. policy towards Russia,” Lavrov told Russian state TV’s First Channel.

Russia says U.S. actions threaten its national security

Her repeated threats even made Trump sound more reasonable. Stew on that.

She had the insane gall to blame Russia for the Syrian catastrophe–which SHE LAUNCHED IN 2011 sending arms from Libya to Syria in an act of serial aggression, multiple war crimes, Nuremberg violations: what the Nazis did and were hung for.



David Swanson liked what he saw…

“Snowden is the most entertaining, informing, and important film you are likely to see this year.”


Snowden: Best Film of the Year





Alice Through the Looking Glass is more believable than today’s descent into corporatocracy:

Aurora shooting massacre survivors ordered to pay Cinemark theater chain $700,000




82 security staff revealed to be on terror watch list
– French intelligence

The tolerance of terror groups, training camps, and the direct arming of proxy Jihadists in Syria and beyond are the greatest threats western societies face today. We have been betrayed by leaders who see terror attacks as useful to them and their many agendas.

Operation Gladio proved this was happening, and it went on for forty years before exposure. The people have no excuse for deliberately sticking their heads up their asses when it comes to these issues. Yet many mindlessly parrot catch phrases, “conspiracy theory,” as if a buzzword was equivalent to knowing the facts. This faith-based duping of pseudo-intellectuals has become the norm.  They mouth propaganda without understanding it, like information drones, useful idiots.

The people who want war like the fact of a “war on terrorism” that is open-ended, infinite, and just a bombing or shooting incident away from escalation. The reward for stopping an attack is miniscule and negligible compared to the rewards for not stopping an attack and getting away with it.

If you believe the partners of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, et al. have YOUR best interests and safety as their top concerns, then you are truly deluded.

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game




How to crack an IPhone in half an hour…