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Strong performances from all involved, and an unexpected turn elevate this biopic.  Linda Lovelace’s story of coming of age and rising to stardom is worth noting for a couple of reasons.

She became an icon, largely the result of being in the right place at the right time.  Taboos were fading fast, and oral sex was suddenly out of the closet.  Now that it was suddenly permissible to mention it in the media, the wave of success swept up Lovelace unexpectedly.

Across the spectrum this sexual discussion became a joke, a source of ridicule and even a symbol of liberation and empowerment.  The idea of empowerment through porn is exposed during the film when set against the reality.  It was a disempowering experience, in the extreme.  A strong patriarchal oppression runs throughout both her home life and in the larger society.


Her life and the narrative take a hard turn because of a particular party, the pimp whom she married.  The film has a real bad guy, and he’s the central focus.  The story is based on Lovelace’s telling in her book, and events are filtered through her.  She may not be a completely reliable narrator, and then again the filmmakers may not have included enough of the story for it to make several points clear.  They did keep the movie moving along pretty well though, and the look and feel are fluid and cinematic

What is clear is the abuse that she suffered at the hands of her husband, and that he was the motivating factor to push her into that world.