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Israeli corruption of Washington has paid off, and their “final solution” looks to be on the horizon.

US stops all aid to Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza

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The Nazi regime in Kiev is acting like, oh, I don’t know.  Nazis?

Water supply problem in Crimea to cost $247- 417 million




Black males throughout Los Angeles, who have any slight resemblance to Christopher Dorner are wearing t-shirts and putting up signs to profess their innocence. This after police in Torrance have already shot up two innocent women and a man who was on his way to go surfing, claiming in each shooting that they were aiming at Dorner. This murderous shoot first policy of premeditated police assassination has the region on edge.


See Christopher Dorner’s Manifesto for more info.

Something no US journalist would ever dare to do: treat the conflict objectively and tell the truth on Israel/Palestine. Independent, UK columnist Owen Jones tells it straight, gets resounding applause in Britain: