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“If I’m drawing this much fire I must be over the target.”

Scott Ritter
“Violence” and “Incitement”

Fact Check: False and False.

Hey Zuck, explain the “violence and incitement” in a way that uses the actual English language, you oligarch scumbag.

This is the second time that Facebook has lied about political content to censor it, thus slandering the poster in the process with false accusations. This should be evidence to start a major CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against the dishonest media giant. They have normalized accusing innocent people of violence and incitement with no accountability on their part whatsoever. They have also removed the mechanism for challenging these false claims. I am unable to find a way to dispute this deceitful garbage.

Facebook is a malignant force for propagandizing the masses.

Change my mind.

Judicial Watch FOIA Documents

Jimmy doesn’t know who David Gilmour is?

Well, do any of us…

‘Disinformation’ Label Serves to Marginalize Crucial Ukraine Facts

Also: U.S. President’s own Twitter count number is disinformation.

Audit finds half of Joe Biden’s Twitter followers are fake
Emma Watson post in support of Palestinians angers Israeli envoys

“Oliver Taylor” – Fake identity, does not exist. Still manages to libel Palestinians.


In an article in U.S. Jewish newspaper The Algemeiner, Taylor had accused Masri and his wife, Palestinian rights campaigner Ryvka Barnard, of being “known terrorist sympathizers.”

Deepfake used to attack activist couple shows new disinformation frontier



Roy Moore’s $95 million lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen approved


Vox Shamelessly Smears Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans”


You know what was REALLY irresponsible?

Legitimizing all that vote theft, voting machine tallies completely outside the margin of error with exit polls.


He’s said nothing about the fraudulent voting system in two separate presidential runs that were rife with cheating, thereby condoning an ANTI-democratic system of outright theft.