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It’s been some time since I said, “Fuck Facebook.”

There are some deeply disturbing precedents being set here.

  1. A corporation gets to decide what you’re allowed or not allowed to say. This is the obvious part, but look how they choose to go about it.
  2. It’s been labelled as “violence and incitement.” False claims of violence. False claims of incitement.
  3. They have made talking about the culpability of the people in the “West” for their myriad wars and support for wars VERBOTEN.
  4. They have also given me no actual way to “disagree with the decision.”

The meme itself is painfully true, but we’re not allowed to speak plainly about it…

Nearly 90 Percent of the World Isn’t Following Us on Ukraine

I guess no one is allowed to say why!

West is out of touch with rest of world politically, EU-funded study admits

Careful, or Zuck’s not gonna like it.

If I was instead cheering for Nazis, then Jon Stewart would probably pin a medal on me, and Stephen King would be my friend.

This is how the world ends in fire.

Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army ‘psyops’ soldier

These companies are not neutral.

Part-time officer has worked on ‘behavioural change’ projects in the region

Ukes, Kooks & Spooks: #NAFO


Pass It On

The “NAFO” troll hive exists to whitewash Nazis and Azov crimes and to promote Ukraine / demonize Russia and others.

Can anyone identify who is being “targeted” here for “harassment?”

Twitter has genocidal Nazi accounts spreading glaring lies from Ukraine, but THAT is somehow verboten?

Are we not even allowed to say “Nazi” on Twitter now? Or is that just randomly if someone who doesn’t like you complains? Twitter is a dangerous platform with a very dark side.


George Eliason says Nina J. has ties to Ukrainian military psyops.

“After a multi-faceted, technical analysis of GETTR, it is evident that the platform is not at all ‘safe from the Silicon Valley Mafia’s tyrannical overreach,’ as they claim.”

What are you really getting with GETTR?

So, what do you do? Where do you go? They’re gonna track you and try and make a profit from your usage–that’s why it’s free.

The question: Is what they’re doing a deal breaker?

I don’t think the new platform has the level of integration that the old ones do, but they don’t censor and cancel you to please their overlords. We’ll see hos this new Twitter alternative develops. Right now, the pages don’t automatically resolve and show messages or photos. That’s disappointing.


London’s historic Old Vic Theatre has abruptly cancelled a production of the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods helmed by actor and director Terry Gilliam after venue staff voiced their displeasure with the Monty Python legend’s recent recommendation of Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special, The Closer.

Theatre Cancels Production By Monty Python Star Terry Gilliam Over His Support Of Dave Chappelle

“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing ‘misinformation’ out there.”

Jen Psaki, former Israeli surveillance agent, now Biden’s henchwoman

In the form of a “Support Message,” can you hear George Orwell’s snicker?

Anything challenging the political orthodoxy of Facebook & friends is purged, censored from YOU. You are ultimately the reason for this censorship regime. You are not allowed to think.