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Original song, literally my vibe…

fyc copy



Fuck Your Culture is where I’ve finally had enough, and I needed to get it out: the descent to fascism, the victims, the lies, the liars, the collaborators, the dupes. It was Mussolini who said, “Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it represents a merger of state and corporate power.”







LIAR2 wide



My latest original song has a bunch of technical improvements. I have this primal need to rock, and it changes 4 or 5 times, evolving.

Could be an anti-establishment anthem of sorts.










Someone is hacking radio stations across the US to play ‘Fuck Donald Trump’

Other radio stations have also found themselves unwittingly playing “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” ever since Trump’s inauguration, including a San Angelo, Texas R&B oldies station; a Murfreesboro, Tennessee Spanish station; an Evansville, Indiana Christian station; and a Louisville, Kentucky local music station.


Catchy refrain.





This rises to the level of geeky, but falls slightly short of douchey. So here you go…

1345658106_flag american crumblingdownload




Not a great fan of the song, but the message behind it should be made clear: if you allow plutocrats to steal everything, including justice and your government, the rest is inevitable.