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China’s first ‘moon & back’ mission blasts off

We may settle that conspiracy theory about the moon landings being faked. If China can’t find those dune buggies abandoned where Nasa claims they were, and a lot of other specialized equipment supposedly left behind…



Jodorowsky’s Dune’ 10-Minute Opening Sequence Will Blow Your Mind








Machete in Space (short)

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What is the real “threat” to the United States?

Is it tribal people in a mineral-rich jungle somewhere, who don’t even know where the US is located?

Or is it a rock big enough to wipe out a large chunk of planet earth?

I’ll give some time to contemplate, but that Bruce Willis Ben Affleck thriller pretty much showed the kind of things our military actually should be concerned about.  But no one is actually doing anything about this nation destroying sized rock that just flew by our planet.  No rockets are fired.  No preliminary tests to affix thermonuclear detonators.  No types of drilling rigs that can be launched preemptively for the next one. Yes, Mr. 1998 QE2 is not alone in the universe.  But apparently we are when it comes to actual defense from large rocks taking out humanity.


An asteroid collision is the most likely mechanism for wiping out life on earth.  This is what is believed to have done in the dinosaurs, after all.  And they were pretty tough.

So while US Special Forces are now covertly — and illegally — operating in 70 countries around the world, and that is the priority of the US “defense” establishment, large planet-killing sized rocks can just whizz by unmolested, and no one does a God damned thing about them.

Do we really deserve to maintain our position as the most “intelligent” life form around?


How many trillions of dollars, innocent lives eradicated, and waste surrounds the US imperial project to control earth’s resources under the bogus flag of “defense?”

What “defense” has that purchased for us from this very real threat that could reappear at any time?

How prepared is our glorious military to destroy incoming asteroids before they take out America, permanently?

Whats the Far Future of Intelligence in the Universe? Ray Kurzweil explains exponential growth of intelligence, the singularity, the rise of the machines? Prepare for future shock.