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“Unless something is done and done soon, dangerous people will continue to get their hands on guns,” she told reporters. “We need a background check system without holes and fatal flaws.”

VIDEO: Amy Schumer Joins Gun-Control Fight in Wake of ‘Trainwreck’ Shootings

He moved to defend himself from a dog attack, and they murdered him.

8 white cops, 1 black homeless man, 46 bullets


Wow. We all like to think we’d run toward the danger and be heroic, rather than running away from the sounds of gunshots.

…the teacher intercepted the gunman as he paused, possibly trying to reload.

It was not clear if the student committed suicide or if he accidentally shot himself while in struggling with Silberberger.

Teacher hailed for intervening in Washington high school shooting (1)

​‘No children left in Gaza!’ Right-wing Israeli mob mocks deaths in anti-Gaza chant


The video was published by Israeli journalist Haim Har-Zahav.

The chant also contains the words “I hate all Arabs” and “Gaza is a graveyard,” according to the pro-Palestinian news resource Electronic Intifada.



Palestinian officials say that in total over 1,200 Palestinians have been killed in the fighting, with over 215,000 displaced in Gaza. The Israeli military says it has lost 53 soldiers during Operation Protective Edge.


Denver Post. There it is, plus “clonazepam“:

“Police also found medications in his apartment, including ibuprofen, sedatives and the anti-anxiety drug clonazepam. They also found the antidepressant sertraline, the generic version of the antidepressant Zoloft.”

Aurora theater shooting documents: Doctor reported James Holmes was threat to public

They kept that under wraps until today during the trial. The overwhelming majority of spree killers were on or were withdrawing from antidepressants. These highly dangerous drugs come with a dire FDA warning label, yet are given out like candy on Halloween by psychiatrists all over the nation. More.


The Aurora tragedy raises the haunting question: Why does pop culture inspire people to kill?

by Owen Gleiberman

Spree killers and their connections to pop culture phenomena, and more widely applicable: pop culture’s influence on both empathy and obsessions.

Michael Moore has posted the entire Bowling For Columbine film on Youtube, in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting.  The film examines violence in America and the Columbine high school massacre.  In typical Moore fashion it approaches the topic from a variety of unexpected and interesting ways.

Full film:


Michael Moore’s statement about he Aurora shootings.