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Judge Boots #BernieBackers Fraud Lawsuit Out of Court

“To the extent Plaintiffs wish to air their general grievances with the DNC or its candidate selection process, their redress is through the ballot box, the DNC’s internal workings, or their right of free speech——not through the judiciary,” wrote Judge William Zloch in an order dismissing the case. The judge added that the plaintiffs also lack standing to sue.


Court Ruling Builds a Barrier Against Challenges to NSA Spying on Americans

Fascism is when government and corporations join forces to strip away freedom from the individual citizens and turn them into powerless subjects of a new order.

Totalitarianism is the intrusion into every aspect of people’s lives, monitoring their communications and private lives without warrant, without justification, and in secret.

Vladeck said it could become very difficult to challenge any practices allegedly approved by the USA Freedom Act if you can pursue a case only after you have all of the evidence to show you were spied on.

“I’m not aware of any other situation in law where you have to have the defendant admit what they did before you can even go to court,” Cindy Cohn, executive director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Truthdig. “It would be as if the police couldn’t arrest somebody unless they admitted they committed the crime first.”