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The interview with Roger Waters and the producer of Occupation of the American Mind completes:




Occupy Houston assassination plot records won’t be released

(CN) – The FBI was right to withhold records about an alleged murder plot targeting the leaders of Occupy Houston, to protect its informants, a federal judge ruled.
Plaintiff Ryan Noah Shapiro is a doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research includes “the policing of dissent … especially in the name of national security” and “examining FBI and other intelligence agency efforts to preserve domestic surveillance capabilities while simultaneously subverting the Freedom of Information Act,” according to his MIT profile.
Shapiro sent the FBI three Freedom of Information Act requests in early 2013, asking for records about “a potential plan to gather intelligence against the leaders of [Occupy Wall Street-related protests in Houston] and obtain photographs, then formulate a plan to kill the leadership [of the protests] via suppressed sniper rifles.”

This is Obama’s FBI and Obama’s “Justice Department” helping domestic terrorists who had plotted to kill Occupy leaders. Why aren’t they being prosecuted? Why aren’t they under arrest?

The bullshit fake “alternative” media doesn’t even touch this because it’s Obama’s jurisdiction. They can’t just blame it all on Bush. This is what partisan, two-party schizoid politics has done to this country. Domestic terrorists go free without consequence, and the so-called “liberal left”  won’t even talk about it.


German FM plays down intel claiming Ukraine militia downed MH17

So now the BND claims their evidence is “incomplete” and “taken out of context!” Can you believe that line of bullshit?

This is a FRAUD. The Kiev Nazis shot down the Malaysian airliner, and half the world knows it. The other half is deluded by this propaganda barrage that twists the facts and makes false claims with zero hard evidence to back it up.

The Russian embassy in Berlin received an official response to note #3693 from October 27 regarding Germany’s Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND intelligence agency) President Gerhard Schindler’s allegations that local militia in eastern Ukraine shot down the Malaysia Airlines flight in July.

“The media interpretation of the report of the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) president delivered to the Bundestag Committee overseeing intelligence activities on October 8 is incomplete and arbitrarily taken out of context,” the note says.


Glenn Greenwald:

Elizabeth Warren Finally Speaks on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu

So the so-called “progressive” Democrats are full of shit. There is no hope, nor any representation, for people like myself in the Democrat Party. I knew that already, of course.

That is why I stopped voting for their devil’s bargain back in 2000 and I have been a vocal proponent of third parties, specifically the Greens and Justice Party, ever since. Everyone should de-register Democtat and become an Independent or a Green or whatever. It won’t cost you one penny. It will, however, shake up the business as usual in Washington DC. If there was a mass exodus and they could no longer take YOU for granted, they would have to change. The choice and the moral failing is in your court.




The pathetic pitch of Democrats, how people like Elizabeth Warren are the only hope that we’re supposed to hang all our hopes on, falls away like so much other political propaganda.

I do not endorse Israel’s genocide against the people of Palestine nor do I want ANY much-needed US tax money sent to that terrorist state so that it can steal the rest of the land. Neither of the two corporatist parties reflect that view, and they don’t represent me.


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And the next day, the BBC’s flagship news program Today on Radio 4, ran a seven-minute segment asking, in the words of presenter Mishal Husain, “Are the protestors right? Have we been biased at the BBC in favor of Israel?”

Approximately 5,000 protesters brought the roads around the BBC’s London headquarters to a standstill 



Kiev regime using planes to bomb civilians in Lugantsk, as Obama promises to send more weaponry.  This is what happens when you vote against America and its neo-Nazi partners (GRAPHIC)…




Steve McQueen is a fantastic director.  This true life story of slavery, kidnapping, torture and the law is one of the more important films to come along in years.

What I couldn’t figure out, until I was halfway through the film, was critic Armond White’s response to it, from several months ago.

“As with his fine-arts background, McQueen’s films resemble museum installations: the stories are always abstracted into a series of shocking, unsettling events.”

But slavery WAS a series of shocking, unsettling events.  This odd review, seemingly out of left field, seems to only make sense if Armond White just cannot bare to look at the plight of someone like himself, a black man, in complete dehumanization and racist powerlessness.

I think that his review is unfair to the film.


This is not a sugar coated slavery story.  This is not a feel good revenge story, as with Django Unchained (also despised by Armond White, for completely different reasons).  This is an historical retelling straight from the man’s own book.  As such, we need to pay attention and accept what he’s said.

I believe McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley, also a black man, have done everything they could to remain faithful to the original story and to show it in honest terms.  The lingering camera and the almost complete lack of background music give dimension to the world.  The southern character of the plantations feels authentic.

It becomes apparent very quickly, as we float through this “war on terror” myth today, that much of the real America was founded on institutionalized terrorism.  The terror employed against Africans and natives far surpasses anything that individual terrorists today can muster.  The white man’s racist terror, centuries long and society wide, was the organizing principle for half the country prior to 1865.  The next generation needs to see this, needs to understand it, needs to talk about it.

The tuned-out, uninterested youth had better keep tabs on what they call “the law” in the halls of power today.  Slavery was simply a legal construct.  As they tap away about nothing the rules of society are being rewritten, whole cloth, right now.

This film is a great vehicle to show people today that significant chunk of history.  I hope it wins multiple Oscars.