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Mia Wasikowska is so versatile, I didn’t recognize her again.  I didn’t pick her out in Lawless or Jane Eyre either.

Stoker is a twisted, somewhat demented tale of murder and psychosis, which I tend to like.  I just wrote a short film script like that the other day.  This film works as a slowly burning WTF type plot, but not for everybody.

Early in the film, after the twisted uncle arrives at her house to stay, Stoker is sent down to the basement for ice cream – where the housekeeper’s body lies in the freezer. She, an eighteen year old girl, sees this corpse and then does nothing whatsoever about it.  I was, I admit, taken right out of the movie at this point.  With granny on ice in the cellar, you can’t just continue your life with this psychopathic house guest, not even if you’re not right in the head yourself.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Moving beyond that gaffe, Stoker does reveal herself to be genetically predisposed to side with uncle strangler.  The mother is a neurotic wreck, and Stoker clearly despises her throughout the film.  The family is so odd, reacting nonchalantly to the death of the father and swiftly moving on into a Hamlet like mother/uncle arrangement.  But there’s something magnetic about such fucked up characters.  We can’t look away because their behaviors may be culturally questionable but entirely understandable.  This glaring discord between what most everyone would do and what these people do is nearly enough to carry this plot.  Nearly.