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The number of readers has more than doubled this past week. Many people dropping by, and it doesn’t just seem related to the Holidays. Even so, here’s my Christmas Movies List.


But if you would like some more exposure for your film writing, take a chance and send it in. I’ve posted articles from more than 70 writers.

June 12th, 2011 032


Flood gates are gonna go whoosh.  Amazon Studios looking for short films now with feature potential.   Two to fifteen minutes length???  FAQ


Sure, why not? I’m posting a lot of shorts lately, since not much else is going on. So if you want to send in some suggestions and promote films, go ahead.

Everyone and their great granny is shooting video today (except me sadly). So there’s a hell of a lot of content out there to pick from.

So I’m elevating l, Pet Goat II to the Featured Section.  It’s a mind bender.  And if you haven’t seen Ashes and Snow, it’s also gotten one of the best receptions.