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the world is conditioned to look the other way,
except for one dying little boy with nothing to lose.


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The Problem with Female Superheroes

“Shut up, crime!”

If Seven Psychopaths weren’t enough psychopaths, Super offers another handful to keep you cringing and laughing.  I was stunned this movie failed so awfully at the box office.  It has Ellen Paige, Liv Tyler, Kevin Bacon and even Nathan Fillion makes an appearance that you won’t quite expect.

It’s one of those comic book hero wannabe films, as Michael Rappaport muddled through in Special.  It was done quite more impressively in Kick Ass as well, but Super lands somewhere in the middle, only with a gritty bit of the old ultra-violence thrown in.

Super’s over the top psychosis seems intended to make a statement on these obsessive hard right “law and order” maniacs.  The line between criminal and vigilante is constantly shifting around.  While Super’s goal is clear and morally good, some of his antics put him on the wrong side, and this is hammered home with the addition of his lunatic sidekick Boltie.  Ellen Paige plays the craziest little sidekick in memory, and really should have found some psychiatric help instead.

The characters are as pathetic as they are misguided, but still the film seems to make some kind of a point about extreme lunatics redeeming themselves and making good in the world, through unconventional means.

It’s not Disney.


Super on Netflix.