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New series of complaints over selective censorship at Facebook calls into question the political motivations behind the targeting.

Fascist Facebook?



The Internet was created by DARPA as a way for communications to survive a nuclear war.  When servers go down, packets are automatically rerouted to a different server, no matter how long the route takes, in order to finally reach the recipient.  This was by military necessity.  The packet transfer scheme tags the sender with IP address information, something that is hard to get around, and makes for tracking and surveillance to be that much easier.  Proxy servers and TOR encryption attempt to anonymize the traffic, but users are still at the mercy of those involved in those schemes.  If they are compromised, then the supposed encryption security is also compromised.

This film attempts to tackle the rest of the internet, the search engines and social networks that store and exploit personal data voluntarily given to it.  Here is where our lives are open books to the data miners from private corporations as well as intelligence services.  I’ve had a queasy sick feeling over these behemoths for a long time, seeing Facebook as the obvious repository of personal information.  Now that these organizations are in direct partnerships with the government, nothing there should be considered secure or private.  All connections, the “metadata” are fair game.  All utterances are recorded forever, and can land one in prison if they can be sold by a prosecutor as a threat or a matter of “national security.”  Police regularly go into Facebook accounts of suspects and gather up all their friends and acquaintances’ information.  This is standard practice, you should be aware.

As we descend into totalitarianism, here is where it all went wrong.  Here is where the corporate/government collusion has stripped your lives bare and left you at the mercy of the US STASI, as well as every other level of so-called “law” enforcement, although the laws that limit the activities of the government itself are never enforced by anybody..