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Sleazy Soap


I was looking forward to this due to Paul Schraeder (Taxi Driver, Last Temptation of Christ).  The film has a few things going for it, but it really needed more, a more compelling narrative at the least.  The script could have used some reworking and the pace quickened up.  Some annoying expository dialogue grated.  The movie crawls along with long static periods, and there isn’t enough action to drive a full length feature, in my opinion.

Plus the world is so ugly, the characters so unlikable and the milieu so off putting.

The story behind the film is probably more interesting than the on-screen story.  And unfortunately that is so true that it permeates the bonus feature interviews.  They really needed to put more thought into the movie itself, and I think that’s a big reason the film has floundered.

Lindsay Lohan looks terrible to boot, and I’m not sure if that was intended or very much unintended.  A lot of mileage on that face, and her lifestyle may fit in with the character, but I doubt it was meant to appear so repulsive.

The Canyons film

The surprise of the film is James Deen, a believable psychopath, if only his character had done more earlier in the film.  They wait until the last five minutes for things to pick up, and by then it’s far too late.  Problem is there’s no one to care about, just icky people being icky on the fringes of the movie business.

Seems like a rushed project that needed the benefit of being developed and scrutinized, reinvented and challenged. With the filmmakers throwing it together and putting up most of the money, with a Kickstarter pitch to supplement the production, it lacked that crucial period of evaluation and critical analysis (that writers hate).


With all the Lindsay hysteria, people may have overlooked what happened here:


“The total investment for Bret and I was $3,000 each. And then Kickstarter gave us $160,000, and then everything else was deferred. One of the attractions to doing this, other than working with Bret, was just the curiosity factor. Is it possible to make, is it possible for me to make a film under this new paradigm? This kind of group cooperative paradigm. Where everything is driven by social media. The fundraising that we would keep asking for volunteers on Facebook. We’d ask for extras on Facebook. We got that house, which is really a six-star boat, we got that house through Facebook. For free. Everything about this film from the inception to the casting to the financing, the making, the promoting, and now the release, was intended to be done in a way unlike I’ve ever done before.”