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Paul Jay on “Vice”

Posted: January 18, 2019 in -
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Wilkerson doesn’t seem to get 9/11.



“Inclusive” incineration of children on the other side of the world.





Right-Wing Militia Helps Police Arrest Portland Protesters


“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


In addition to approving a Ministry of Propaganda, Obama has just destabilized the world further. The Arms Export Control Act is again amended to give more weapons to Syrian terrorists.


NOTE: The guest, Ben Norton, is associated with Alternet. He has some very recent pieces there talking about US involvement in Syria, criminal involvement though not stated as such. This appears to be a turning point at Alternet: now that Obama is leaving it is okay to discuss his Syrian debacle. When it mattered, they were not interested.

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game




Malignant in the extreme.