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McCarthyite meltdown shows how Russiagate, Syria propaganda captured ‘left’ media

Cenk Fatturk and Ana lie repeatedly without consequence. They repeatedly try and claim that they are the arbiters of what is “progressive,” a compromised, useless label that should be rejected.

A “progressive” is an imperialistic, Democratic Party bitch, and should not be trusted on any issue. They have betrayed every promise they have made and always support the corporatocracy after gaining power in Congress. This is a big sham, and these people need to be replaced, not supported. Only a third party will have no strings attached to banksters and weapons manufacturers and oil companies…

And an oldie:

The Young Turks has raised $20 million in venture-capital

Cenk Uygur is more like Joel Osteen than a journalist. Piece of shit, as are his drone followers and defenders.



One of the CAA-repped actress/propagandists on the below list is the one that Twitter intervened for to freeze THIS account (PolFilmBlog).

These are the malignant pustules all connected through CAA and shoveling the exact same neoliberal, warmongering bullshit, fighting against moral policies and non-interventionism.

This article is important:

Tulsi Gabbard Has Enemies In High Places


Clinton insiders use their Hollywood agencies to marshal their “entertainment” industry propagandists:

 The ceremony was attended by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Elon Musk, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Also, none other than Kamala Harris, who Kives donated $5,000 to, was supposed to attend but had to cancel according to THR’s sources. As a matter of fact, CAA employees were the 8th largest donor to Harris’ “Fearless for the People” leadership PAC, to the tune of $16,500 that yearCAA as a whole donated almost $479,000 to candidates and PACs in 2018, with Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Elizabeth Warren all getting donations of $11,000 or higher. Oh, and CAA represents all of Joe Biden’s interests.


And onto the “TALENT” at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA)…
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Jake Tapper
  • Chris Cuomo
  • Bill Maher
  • Whoopi Goldberg


[United Talent Agency] UTA is another firm much like CAA with the same function and goals, and years after he authored that email, Darnell Strom would leave CAA to head up the newly launched “Culture and Leadership Division” there. His role is described as working with clients who “want to expand their diverse businesses and cultural influence at the intersection of entertainment, politics, the arts, and thought leadership” enabling clients to “connect and create big, bold, brave ideas…across all mediums”. He also described UTA as a “creative hub” for leading voices, helping them “build businesses and find global audiences in unexpected places”.






Bag of douche exposed. Fuck these sold-out creeps. These people are not on your side; they are paid well to toe the line and do what they are told–not journalism.




Exposed: Clinton Train Paid The Young Turks $20 Million


treason101 copy.png

A lot of the most ignorant pundits in the USA are tossing around words like “Treason” and sources like Lindsey Graham this week. It’s too pathetic really, but the “Young Turks” and their ilk should be ashamed to babble on in such ignorance, but they keep on blabbering.

I literally had to school some of their acolytes what the word Treason actually meant in America.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
-Article 3, US Constitution

Barack Hussein Obama also committed Treason. His wars in support of Al Qaeda in Libya and in Syria were aiding and abetting our officially designated enemies. He went on to admit to his Treason in a phone call with terror-supporting dictator Erdogan of Turkey.

“President Obama spoke by phone today from California with Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, at the Prime Minister’s request, about developments in Syria and Egypt. The President and Prime Minister discussed the danger of foreign extremists in Syria and agreed on the importance of supporting a unified and inclusive Syrian opposition.”
-White House Press Release


That is high Treason. That “opposition” is Al Qaeda.

Speaking of Al Qaeda, the Saudis are exposed for helping them commit 9/11, and anyone who helps cover up that fact is also engaging in Treason, as per the US Constitution. That includes the Bush and Obama regimes.

So tell me again about your facile, vapid, and erroneous understanding of the crime of Treason, Cenk Uygur.







Fucking left echo chamber is cackling over Michael Flynn. What did he do exactly? He talked with the Russian ambassador… diplomacy. That is not to be tolerated.

Response to “The Young Turks” today:

How does further escalating tensions with the most heavily nuclear-armed power on earth (besides us) make us more secure?
Obama drove us to the brink of World War 3. The mindless peanut gallery continues this neocon push to antagonize Russia. Why? Good question. Are you that reckless and stupid?
Trump’s one saving grace was that he wanted to mend relations that Obama had scorched and set our militaries on hair-trigger alert against one another.
Here’s a reminder to the grossly ignorant, who insist on pontificating nevertheless:

And another:
And this guy too: