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The lobby of the CIA Headquarters Building in McLean, Virginia


I’m not a big Ben Swann fan. He’s a rabid libertarian, but he is pretty thorough, and he’s got Kiriakou and Thomas Drake to comment on why this new “whistleblower” is different.


Is the Trump Whistleblower Really a Whistleblower?


Thomas Drake, Ed Loomis, J. Kirk Wiebe, William Binney, and Diane Roark:

Whistleblowers sue DOJ, FBI, and NSA for malicious prosecution, civil rights violations

illegal searches and seizures, raids on their homes and places of business, false imprisonment, and cancellation of their security clearances after they complained about government waste and fraud at the NSA.


I have a response to Drake’s characterisation of the Bush regime’s malfeasance:

Thomas Drake only sees a thin slice of the picture, and he makes excuses for the Bush regime’s deliberate actions, their desired “New Pearl Harbor.” They were not just concerned about Iraq, as he contends, but were pointedly avoiding any action on the Al Qaeda threat, which they were repeatedly informed about. That type of suspicious behavior should raise red flags, as they sought “plausible deniabilty” by floating these other alleged “priorities” in order to fool their own underlings (like Drake). Another far too credulous voice has been Richard Clarke, who specifically blew the whistle on having Al Qaeda intelligence hidden from his office (by George Tenet, CIA Director) when he was the president’s counter-terrorism advisor!!!

Neither Clarke nor Drake will suggest the obvious conclusion: HIGH TREASON. The Bush neocons wanted the attack to succeed. The attack gave them everything and more that they desired. The attack was long planned, long under surveillance and aided and abetted by their good friends the Saudis. Every effort that American law enforcers tried to take was deliberately thwarted and shut down. This is what treason looks like.

These guys are gullible to the point that they deceive themselves. The Bush neocon junta (unelected), signed the “new Pearl Harbor” document. They are on record. They needed the attack. They wanted the attack. Cheney was more than capable of monkey-wrenching the underlings into line (underlings like Drake).

NY Times:

“By May 1, (2001) the Central Intelligence Agency told the White House of a report that “a group presently in the United States” was planning a terrorist operation.”

  • MAY 1
  • 2001

Wake up, Tom.






Breaking the Set (RT):



The last bastion of real television journalism in the US, RT, airs an explosive interview with the former NSA official who was sent to prison for trying to educate the dumb as fuck American sheeple that their rights have been flushed away. Yes, that may include you and your ignorant family and neighbors. I post article and interview after article and interview concerning the completely illegal practices of the Obama regime, as I did with the crimes of the Bush regime, but these aren’t the links people click on. These topics are too serious, apparently. These aren’t so feel good. There’s no happy ending embedded. There’s just military dictatorship and fascism at the end of this rainbow. While the masses entertain themselves to death.

Actual American hero Thomas Drake, NSA Whisleblower

The information is out there. You can find out what’s going on, but not if you’re an intellectually lazy “consumer” who wants his/her belly rubbed. You have to work to know the truth. It is not in the interests of corporate media outlets to tell you the truth. It is in their interest to sell you a spin, to partially address topics that the people appear to be interested in. The business of commercial television is to sell your eyeballs to advertisers. That’s the business model. That’s the reason for its existence and the daily practice there.