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This is highly disturbing.

I am unable to translate this personally…

Says National Propaganda Radio (NPR):

Mosquitoes have been used to deliver malaria vaccines for clinical trials in the past, but it’s not common.

A box of 200 mosquitoes did the vaccinating
Can you say medical ethics?

They are obviously attempting to come up with a way to forcibly inject the population via mosquitos. Which should be considered TREASON, first and foremost, waging biological warfare on citizens who have a right to refuse.

Out of 14 participants who were exposed to malaria, seven of them — including Reid – came down with the disease, meaning the vaccine was only 50% effective. For the other seven, protection didn’t last more than a few months.

They gave 7 people malaria, from what I’m reading.

And their so-called “vaccine” lasts only a few months — great for profit margins by the way — and are then SHIT.

It’s a feel-good story about a pro-vax true believer woman to inspire the nay-sayers:

As for Reid, her experience was so positive that she went on to participate in clinical trials for a bird flu vaccine and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. She says that she will continue to enroll in vaccine clinical trials “for the rest of my life actually.”

{Insert barf emoji here}

Someone tell Yahoo Amerika.


Russia Warns Longer-Range US Weapons for Ukraine Would Cross a ‘Red Line’

Russia’s foreign ministry says providing such arms would make the US a party to the conflict

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) deleted a webpage from 2004 detailing research into vaccine efficacy against the monkeypox virus which included Anthony Fauci praising the findings as “important” and referencing a potential “bioterror threat involving smallpox.”

NIH Erased Webpage Details Monkeypox Vaccine ‘Bioterror’

These people are in a position to cause the next pandemic. And they may have already caused the last one.

See this:

Is Monkeypox Pandemic Planned??? WTF!

Fucking Shitlib psychopaths have brought this to our shores.


The document, as clarified Der Spiegel, was discovered in the British National Archives by the American political scientist, Boston University professor Joshua Shifrinson. Previously, the document was classified as “Secret”, but then was declassified.

Der Spiegel uncovers archival document promising NATO non-expansion

The German publication Der Spiegel reported the discovery of an archival document, which, as the article says, reinforces the version of the Russian authorities that when Germany was unified, the Soviet Union was promised that NATO would not expand to the east.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow was “swindled, blatantly deceived” by Western countries, who promised that the North Atlantic Alliance would not expand “not an inch to the east.”


Yesterday, I posted about the risky experimentation that will fuck up your DNA from Moderna. Today, I learned that Trump’s junta has outrageous conflicts of interest with that very company. They will try and inject the population with their experiments, no doubt.

In this depraved Kakistocracy, this is WHY that guy is appointed:


Trump’s New COVID-19 Czar Holds $10 Million In Vaccine Company Stock Options


We also have psychopath Dershowitz arguing that the government can forcibly vaccinate anyone they like, erasing human rights from America. Liberal pseudo-intellectuals may get on board that idea as they mindlessly approve any medical development under the banner of “science.” Not a one of them could tell you what the scientific method actually is, but that is their religion.

Seems like a perfect storm of fuckery.



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