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Top Gun 2 Sets New Standard For State-Orchestrated, Pro-Military, Mass Indoctrination

Top Gun: Maverick’ And The Military-Entertainment Complex

We’re Number One–on movie screens.

Hollywood is operating as its propaganda machine

Top Gun for hire: why Hollywood is the US military’s best wingman

“Productions love us because we provide authenticity and credibility. And also, they get substantial cost savings. …Applicants must submit their entire script for approval, and accept any changes required.”

According to estimates, recruitment across the US military jumped by 500% that year.


Propaganda in the Cinema

And, they ARE recruitng in movie theaters now (just like in my book!)



The movie that proved that America is a lot gayer than it thought it was.

David Sirota writes in the Washington Post that Top Gun, “proved to be a major force in resuscitating the military’s image” as well as boosting recruitment, and that “polls soon showed rising confidence in the military”  (Sirota).
Propaganda 101



Al Jazeera explores the latest insidious Pentagon recruiting film, the Navy Seal produced Act of Valor.  Isn’t propagandizing the US public illegal?


Listening Post – Feature: The Pentagon’s grip on Hollywood


More on Act of Valor.

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