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Brian Trenchard-Smith discusses the numerous problems with low-budget filmmaking.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Trailers From Hell. So leave it to Guillermo del Toro to reignite the fuse.





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Because I don’t have a lot of time for all this shit…


The Unfinished Films Of Stanley Kubrick


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Cronenberg Wants to Remove Your Breast




Honest Gump


Daily Show’ Eviscerates Douchey Responses to Sexual Assault


Casting Your Little Film

Metropolis Beam of Light Effect


TFH: Andromeda Strain








Brian Trenchard-Smith delivered the goods last time with The Sound of Noise.  Here he pitches a similarly obscure Italian drama/mystery in his perfectly dry British style.  So off to Netflix again, right after this round of True Blood



Anyone who used to hang around the video store has probably already seen this twisted take on the 60s.


Gotta say I preferred Dirty Duck though. But hold on, there’s more.  I was a bit nervous even clicking on this one.  Talk about exploitation, now I have to find a copy of this and see for myself…





A Fish Called Wanda ranks at #4 on my Greatest Comedies of All Time List.  There’s a worn out VHS copy around here somewhere.  Yes, you must see this movie.





A very funny, twisted movie…