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US veteran’s children taken away over his use of medical marijuana




With the depraved warmongers and terrorists of the world (usually the same people) traumatizing more and more minds, this may be important news…

Science Daily:

Study Reveals How Ecstasy Acts On Brain, Hints at Therapeutic Uses

“MDMA also increased communication between the amygdala and the hippocampus. Studies on patients with PTSD have found a reduction in communication between these areas.”

“The findings suggest possible clinical uses of MDMA in treating anxiety and PTSD, but we need to be careful about drawing too many conclusions from a study in healthy volunteers. We would have to do studies in patients to see if we find the same effects.”



Readers probably suspect that I like my low-budget indie comedies, when they work.  Who doesn’t, really?  Throw in Sookie, Anna Paquin, and of course I’ll take my chances.

But writers should pay attention to the first five minutes of Straight A’s, and how to really introduce a character.  Ryan Phillippe steals this show, as crazy and charismatic as he’s ever been.  It’s a family dramedy with that dark sheep crazy uncle, but this one out crazies your uncle in all likelihood (but not mine).

I really did laugh a lot through the film, and the ending is gripping and well done.

What I didn’t like was the blinding overexposure, probably from blowing out the sensor on the Red camera.  I noticed within 5 minutes the clipped highlights and it irked me.  Probably most people don’t notice, but I surely do.  The extreme brights are where film shines and most digital cameras fail. That may be changing (Arri Alexa is top dog right now for digital), but it’s a limiting factor right now.  I wish more lower tier filmmakers actually cared about this issue as digital overexposure really does degrade the image, and yet is correctable with neutral density gels and compensating through lighting.