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To Trevor Noah:

You sold-out, despicable clown. They bribed Ecuador with $4.2 Bn IMF loan. You put on CIA mole Ken Dilanian to smear Assange for your corporate masters, you wretched cocksucker. You claim “everybody hates Assange,” except for most of the world not being PAID to say otherwise.





Not a fan of Trevor Noah’s Daily Show, as he often sounds as ignorant to me as these Trumpsters do to you. Their partisanship blinds them and they parrot talking points, with added flair and video, but they’re still Democratic Party stooges, whether they know it or not.

But the video is worth a gawk, in a purely passing-the-trainwreck kind of way.

Trevor Noah’s Big Moment

Posted: September 28, 2015 in -
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I clicked on this Bloomberg News provocative title to find a dozen incompetent grammatical errors. So, does the sloppiness of the author undermine the observations? This is relevant to how they’re all pre-judging Trevor Noah, who takes over at The Daily Show tonight.

Trevor Noah Finds Himself in a Political Straitjacket

I’m not a big fan of Jon Stewart, or The Daily Show, but he occasionally made good criticisms — and he occasionally pandered to war criminals. His mindless audience cheered for anything, like drones, head bobbers, a laugh track. It was all a bit surreal and dystopian.

But here is proof that Trevor Noah is a funny mother fucker.