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Even the Washington Post (which I do not generally trust) is starting to shit itself in the face of blatant fascism.


The First Amendment is meaningless if it only protects people the government recognizes as journalists



Ukraine War Quietly Back On

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The peace has been shattered, and NATO encourages its coup regime to assault the east.

1 million children in war-torn eastern Ukraine in desperate need of aid: UN


  • NATO and US sponsor fascist overthrow of elected government. Blame Russia for existing.
  • Neonazi thug regime outlaws the Russian language, and the eastern Russian-speaking provinces rebel against the illegitimate government in overwhelming referendums.
  • Washington supports neonazi thugs as they commit mass murder, thousands dead. Blames Russia.
  • US public can’t find Ukraine on a map. Thinks it knows what’s going on.

Fall of Flynn & Iran

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Trump Approves Weapons Sales To Saudi Arabia And Bahrain


It’s happening.

Trumpism’s Gleichschaltung?

Steven Bannon is to Donald Trump what Josef Goebbels was to Hitler. Writing this is not meant to be alarmist. Instead, it is written so we can understand his role. It is clear from his work with Breitbart and in his production of propaganda films for the far-right that Breitbart is a clever propagandist. Indeed, it seems likely that he has read and absorbed Goebbels’ admonitions and advice regarding the role of propaganda to the State. His appointment to the National Security Council is not appalling because it removes a couple of war criminals from positions they assumed were theirs by decree. It is appalling because it represents the rise of an American fascist to the inner circles of power. Not just the inner circles, but arguably a circle most fundamental in matters of life and death.


These clowns have signaled that they don’t give a fuck about reality because their deluded fans don’t give a fuck about reality.

‘Bowling Green massacre’ trends following Kellyanne Conway’s latest blunder


It was at Bowling Green we lost Squiggles:


In Memoriam

RIP Squiggles, a real American Hamster
and Hero in the War of Terror
Brutally Murdered in the Bowling Green Massacre



Insane Coward in Chief Terrified of 5 Year Olds

The White House has said a five-year-old boy was detained for more than four hours and reportedly handcuffed at an airport because he posed a “security risk”.


TRUMP has just frozen the work of the EPA, USDA and HHS, the departments that are tasked with preserving the safety and integrity of the air, water, land, food and more!

Between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, the Trump administration had instituted gag orders and freezes on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

His radical reactionary regime is attacking all government departments that help the society not degrade and revert back to 19th century pollution and contamination! This is a war on YOU.

Trump bars EPA & USDA from talking to media or awarding grants



White Collar Crime Will Have a Field Day Under Trump