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 A Bunch Of Racist Tweets From Donald Trump Dating Back To 2013



Big fraud getting bigger by the day.






McMalignant Grease Emporium ™ that shall remain nameless was spamming me on Twitter.  Every time I logged on, there it was, paid ads in my face. Needless to belabor, I’m not a fan.  And there was no way to block those McClowns from telling me all about their latest no-news grease news. But, one can respond on Twitter with a pithy reply, if one so chooses.  So I would reply to each of these McTwits things along the line of…

Are they still finding rat hairs in the hamburger meat?
I heard that lady got salmonella from your restaurant?
McObesity, less than a buck a meal!
You know, if I didn’t see these tweets, I probably wouldn’t reply… hmmm.

Well, eureka.  I no longer see any McSpam when I log on to Twitter.  Connection?  We report.  You decide.