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Apocalypse Now, by Design

Posted: September 6, 2020 in -
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Unfortunately, this isn’t particularly new. It is a good analysis of the two-party fraud of a system though.

Democrats and the Crisis of Legitimacy

Woody Harrelson explores the rot at the heart of our governing system.  Documentary shows how public opinion is manipulated and people are distracted from the core agendas of the two-party behemoth.  Not sure if the uploader has the rights or not, so hurry…




Jesse Ventura: Break the Two Party Dictatorship, Impunity for American War Crimes



Abby Martin speaks to Jesse Ventura and examines impunity for US War Crimes.
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On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin interviews former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, about the two party “dictatorship” and corporate censorship. She highlights the live-streamers of Occupy Wall Street as the heroes and calls out Marianne Ny as the villain for her flimsy attempt to extradite Julian Assange with no evidence against him. Abby wraps up the show by discussing the Bush Administration’s crimes against humanity, and the fact that President Obama’s refusal to prosecute the officials has led to a cultural decay.

A brand new show on the RT Network hosted by Abby Martin. There are way too many rules set in society that prop up the establishment — an establishment that works to divide and conquer the people. ‘Breaking the Set’ seeks to smash through the Left/Right Paradigm set in the media and political establishment to find the middle ground: the truth. It is a show that cuts through that pre-established narrative which tells the people what to think and what to care about.

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