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Police Use of Deadly Force: State Statutes 30 Years after Garner

Chad Flanders and Joseph C. Welling

“So two trends, working in opposite directions, made the common law rule otiose: the death penalty was becoming rarer, but more crimes (and more nonviolent crimes) were becoming felonies. To these two trends the Court added a third: it was getting easier to use deadly force.[54] Before, deadly force was mainly inflicted by hand to hand combat, that is, after a fight. Nowadays, police can kill with one pull of a trigger. There may be, in such a world, a greater need for caution in using force–and for a rule which would discourage the use of force unless and until it was really necessary.[55]…



Bradley Cooper and Ryan Gosling cross paths in an edgy drama that brings much intensity.  The film is a decent effort about cops and robbers and the blurry lines separating the two.

What works in Pines is the semi-unique structure, telling three stories, although each is obliquely tied to the others.  It’s a three in one rather ambitious effort that feels real, as if this could have happened.  Dialogue is natural and the acting believable as we follow along an unfortunate series of events and ruined lives.

The Place Beyond the Pines is out on DVD this week.