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82 security staff revealed to be on terror watch list
– French intelligence

The tolerance of terror groups, training camps, and the direct arming of proxy Jihadists in Syria and beyond are the greatest threats western societies face today. We have been betrayed by leaders who see terror attacks as useful to them and their many agendas.

Operation Gladio proved this was happening, and it went on for forty years before exposure. The people have no excuse for deliberately sticking their heads up their asses when it comes to these issues. Yet many mindlessly parrot catch phrases, “conspiracy theory,” as if a buzzword was equivalent to knowing the facts. This faith-based duping of pseudo-intellectuals has become the norm.  They mouth propaganda without understanding it, like information drones, useful idiots.

The people who want war like the fact of a “war on terrorism” that is open-ended, infinite, and just a bombing or shooting incident away from escalation. The reward for stopping an attack is miniscule and negligible compared to the rewards for not stopping an attack and getting away with it.

If you believe the partners of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, et al. have YOUR best interests and safety as their top concerns, then you are truly deluded.

Why ISIS Exists: The Double Game

They are vulnerable to conventional attacks too, or even power problems, flooding, earthquake, tornado, meteor, truck bomb, aircraft crash, shoulder fired rocket, etc. They are in fact gigantic dirty bombs just waiting to go off while their critical cooling systems degrade on their own year by year.

​Game of drones: British nuclear power plants vulnerable to drone attacks

Some 16 British nuclear power plants are acutely vulnerable to drone attacks, a confidential report conducted by a leading nuclear expert reveals.



How the NSA hacks PCs, phones, routers, hard disks


Satellite and optic-fiber communications stored

Windows crash reports boon for spies

The website you are visiting is really not the website you want

NSA buys up security exploits to attack vulnerabilities

The cellphone network you are connected to is not the network you want

Your hard disk is not the device you thought it was

The parcels from Amazon are not the parcels you want


…On the subject of operating systems, Appelbaum said the documents revealed subversion techniques against Windows, Linux, and Solaris. In the case of Microsoft, the NSA is monitoring Windows software crash reports to gain insight into vulnerabilities on a target system and exploit them for its own ends.



“Jack had planned to demonstrate his techniques to hack into pacemakers and implanted defibrillators at the Black Hat hackers convention in Las Vegas next Thursday. He told Reuters last week that he could kill a man from 30 feet away by attacking an implanted heart device.”


There are no conspiracies in America.


Famed hacker Barnaby Jack dies a week before hacking convention

BOSTON (Reuters) – Barnaby Jack, a celebrated computer hacker who forced bank ATMs to spit out cash and sparked safety improvements in medical devices, died in San Francisco, a week before he was due to make a high-profile presentation at a hacking conference.

The New Zealand-born Jack, 35, was found dead on Thursday evening by “a loved one” at an apartment in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood, according to a police spokesman. He would not say what caused Jack’s death but said police had ruled out foul play.

The San Francisco Medical Examiner’s Office said it was conducting an autopsy, although it could be a month before the cause of death is determined.