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A Dubious Official Story Masks the True Motives Behind the Soleimani Assassination

“The assassination of an Iraqi military commander who holds an official position is considered aggression on Iraq … and the liquidation of leading Iraqi figures or those from a brotherly country on Iraqi soil is a massive breach of sovereignty,” Iraq’s Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said of the attack, adding that the assassination was “a dangerous escalation that will light the fuse of a destructive war in Iraq, the region, and the world.”




TWITTER openly reveals itself a tool of US propaganda:


You’re not allowed to hear opposing views. Trump’s war crime does not get his account suspended.






British military presence near Venezuela ‘extremely concerning’


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George HW Bush’s war crime that killed 20,000+ Panamanians.




Israel Attacked Syria

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Syrian Army warns Israel it will respond after military airport bombed near Damascus