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Perhaps humanity is just too stupid to continue? We may find out during Hillary Clinton’s reign.





Because we’re so fucking peaceful?

US will rehearse invasion of N.Korea in record-breaking joint military drills


This is under Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner? You wonder why countries seek nuclear weapons and ICBMs–as North Korea has done. Not difficult math.

In other simulations:

War Games Between China and US Lead to Nuclear Attacks


They’ve, of course, been threatening nuclear Russia in Ukraine, Syria and other flashpoints, such as Chechnya/Dageston, South Ossetia.

It’s like the ghouls of Washington DC want to destroy the world. It’s not enough owning it, they have to incinerate it. These people should be arrested and tried for their many past crimes. They are recklessly hurtling toward disaster, and the American public is too obtuse to even notice, never mind oppose them meaningfully. They think the Democraps are peaceful! The above is after 7 years of Obama rule!

Coincidentally, today CIA thug Michael Hayden tries to sell more drone murder as the solution. His rampage has already enraged 1.5 billion Muslims and told them their lives have no value and International Law doesn’t apply to them. How’s that strategy actually working out?

How about if other countries took his advice and turned it on the US itself? They would be as legitimate as he is today. Hayden is a war criminal and responsible for thousands of unlawful, extra-judicial killings.  The CIA’s secret death squads are not legitimate in the law, in the Constitution, in any context.


“About 1,300 troops from 15 countries – including the US and other Nato members – have begun a military exercise near Lviv in western Ukraine.”

NATO/US play war games in Nazi-controlled western Ukraine as civil war rages in east.

US and Nato troops begin Ukraine military exercise

Two hours of analysis of the September 11th attacks, the debunkers debunked, and a lot of claims.   Some may need further corroboration, but much of the info is good (I’m not vouching for all of it).



If provoking nuclear armed N. Korea with repeated war games on its southern border wasn’t problematic enough, now the temperature is rising in the Black Sea.

Russian War Games send a strong message against NATO intervention in Syria?

The Syria card game is getting too expensive, but Obama is going all in. Puppet fake “opposition government” created and legitimized from outside of Syria. And now Obama orders Turkey and Israel to kiss and make up–so they can gang up on the Syrians.

The American Empire’s satraps are all on the move. Qatar and Saudi Arabia no longer hide the fact that they are arming and funding the insurgents in Syria. In February, the UK and France lobbied the rest of the European Union to lift its Syrian arms embargo, so that they can openly arm the anti-government foreign fighters and militias that are trying to topple the Syrian government. Israel and Turkey have been forced to mend fences for the sake of the Empire’s war on the Syrians.

Russia responds with its own war games.


New paperattempts to tackle all the inconsistencies and omissions concerning the lack of fighter interceptors during the attacks.  These events are very complex, shrouded in secrecy and obfuscated by conflicting stories.  Here are the paper’s main findings:

  • The key people responsible for managing a hijacking were absent from their command posts right in the crucial hours.
  • Important telephone and radio connections didn´t work until after the attacks were over.
  • A hijacked plane disappeared in a radar gap, and nobody is willing to explain.
  •  A wargame projecting a hijacking was taking place simultaneously.
  •  The airbase that should have protected the capital was not able to send fighter jets within an hour of time.
  • Interceptors from alert bases were scrambled with unexplained delays and then diverted
    several times.


The systematic failure of every level of the US air defense on the morning of September 11th provides one of the clearest “smoking guns” in the full complicity of key elements of the US government and defense department in those attacks.

In his new peer-reviewed article published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies, author and researcher Paul Schreyer outlines many of these key anomalies and the way they have been carefully covered up by the so-called 9/11 investigations.

This is the GRTV Feature Interview with your host James Corbett and our special guest, Paul Schreyer.

A Century Of Manipulation


Outstanding investigation of conspiracy facts and government crimes from numerous sources.  Some old information you may already know and some new that you might not.  Pay attention to P-Tech, Indira Singh and Anwar Al Malaki.