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Read carefully:

ISIS offering potential recruits protection, payments & free passage to Europe



Russian Audio Analysis: Ukraine Intercepts a Fraud!






Lugansk Aerial Bombing by Ukraine Air Force, June 4, 2014


New York Times has audio, allegedly from E. Ukraine (via the Nazi regime intelligence), where it appears to be a mistaken shoot down. The voices on the recording are unsure what was shot down, and try to piece together evidence from the crash:

Ukraine released what it said was audio from phone calls between rebels and Russian officers after the downing of Malaysia Airlines 17. In one call, a rebel says, “We have just shot down a plane.”

Note: “what it said.” There is zero evidence that the voices belong to any “Russian officers.”

Intercepted Audio of Ukraine Separatists


Note to airlines – don’t fly over war zones where people are being bombed from the air? I guess that would make too much sense.